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My name is Patti Shotwell. I am an insurance broker licensed in the State of Florida and many other states. And as a broker, I represent numerous life insurance, health insurance, and Medicare companies, which gives me the knowledge and ability to advise you on the many options you have with your insurance and retirement needs.

When you are turning 65 years of age, you are inundated with piles of conflicting Medicare information, all telling you their plan is the best one for you. Which should you choose? There are so many options.

When you lose health insurance or have a life change, things can get complicated fast. Who will explain your options and walk you through the maze of choices? 

You can count on Patti The Insurance Lady!

We are experienced, reliable and professional.

Patti The Insurance Lady and her team provide high-quality service that prioritizes good customer service, honest advice, and affordable quality products. We are located in Broward County Florida but are licensed and active in 13 States.
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Health Insurance

At Patti The Insurance Lady, located in Broward County Florida, we provide health insurance policies that cover medical, surgical, and dental expenses incurred by the insured.

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Life Insurance

Patti The Insurance Lady, located in Broward County Florida, offers life insurance policies that ensure the payment of money to named beneficiaries upon the insured's passing, in exchange for premiums paid during their lifetime.

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At Patti The Insurance Lady in Broward County Florida, we can assist you in comprehending your Medicare options and selecting the best plan to suit your requirements. We are available to assist you if you have any issues with your coverage.

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Health Insurance

Does Age Matter?
Pregnancy Coverage
Lower Premiums
Mental Healthcare
Picking a new plan

Does Age Matter?

Risk Factors

The older you are, the costlier it gets to purchase health insurance.


Irrespective of your age, you are safer with a health insurance plan than without it. Availing a health insurance plan early in life is also wiser as the premium is lower.

Pregnancy Coverage

Risk Factors

Does your current health insurance plan cover pregnant women? If not, then you may be subject to a premium surcharge.


Insurers offer pregnancy and maternity coverage subject to certain constraints. While some cover a restricted number of pregnancies, others have a waiting period before covering such claims.

Lower Premiums

Risk Factors

The least expensive monthly premium is often seen as a bad sign. A lot of people think that because their monthly premium is low, it means they have found the one.


Lower premiums don’t necessarily equate to overall lower out-of-pocket costs for health insurance. Depending on your family’s and your needs, paying a higher premium that covers services upfront may be more beneficial.

Mental Healthcare Coverage

Risk Factors

Mental health is an essential part of physical wellness. However, many people are either unaware or neglectful about the necessity for medical treatment in this area.


Health insurance plans may cover every aspect of your physical health – but there’s always some coverage for your mental well-being, with behavioral health benefits associated with your health plan.

Picking a new plan

Risk Factors

Picking a different plan may be challenging if your coverage needs and circumstances have changed since the previous year. Examples of such circumstances include getting married, having children or making more money.


While sticking with your same plan may seem like a good idea, it can end up costing you more later on. You and your dependents' health care needs may shift from year to year. This is why it's a good idea to research plans and select what works best for your new needs.


Patti The Insurance Lady
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Ricardo EbanksRicardo Ebanks
17:43 20 Oct 22
Miss Patti Shotwell she has been with me through out many year and today 9/20/2022 she took her to explain to me about the enrollment package and I was very grateful to have her as my agent she explained to me over the phone,so that’s why I made my decision to continue with our she have a lot of patience, thank you miss Patti Shotwell.
Ricardo EBANKSRicardo EBANKS
17:21 20 Oct 22
Sirce KwaiSirce Kwai
19:40 17 Oct 22
Clear spoken and very detailed oriented. Kept me on focus nicely with a sweet and gentle manner...the best I've found to date...lovely lady
18:15 23 Jul 20
Excellent service.

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We are located in Broward County Florida but are licensed and active in 13 States.

Patti The Insurance Lady

We are located in Broward County Florida but are licensed and active in 13 States.
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